PAUL-COVID19 Program Starts


Due to the social distance measures resulting from the declaration of the State of Emergency in Cabo Verde, which led to the shutdown of almost all economic activities, many families are now deprived of access to basic food supplies. Due to this fact, the Liga Adventista de Solidariedade Social (LASS) started the PAUL-COVID19 Program, on April 23.

True to its Misson statement, LASS is on the ground all over the country assisting the disadvantaged and vulnerable. The PAUL-COVID19 Program was created following the President of the Republic's second declaration of State of Emergency in our country, on May 17th.
The program is a partnership between the Governing body of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Cabo Verde (AIASD-CV) and LASS and aims at helping those communities already stricken by the pandemics, as thousands of our fellow citizens are already in a very difficult economic situation. But at the same time, the Program is laying the ground for the next phase that is approaching fast, especially the island of Santiago, where the pandemics is already clearly out of control, with an average of 6 new cases being announced each day, as of today, May 1st, 2020.

And as the country prepares do extend the State of Emergency in Santiago, the dire situation of many poor people is only going to become even more worse in the next few days.
The PAUL-COVID19 Program started with an initial fund of 400,000$00 (around US$4000,00) granted by AIASD-CV. With this initial funding, LASS is now sourcing and packaging good quality food and essentials in Essential Supplies Relief Packs (ESRP), enough to serve a family for a few weeks.
But as the situation becomes more and more difficult on the ground, the demand for relief is increasing fast.